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Pro Web Consulting seleziona una figura Web Analyst per la sede di Chiasso

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26 aprile 2016

Company profile
Pro Web Consulting is a Swiss agency specialized in SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
From our HQ in Chiasso, we cover all main global markets thanks to our international team.
We work with Top Brands in many different sectors and we collaborate as SEO experts with some of the leading digital agencies and business schools.

Our services
• Search Engine Optimization
Our core business is On Page optimization, to place the Customer’s sites to top positions on search engines for the most valuable keywords for each specific market;
• Web Analytics
We support our Customers in the analysis of their own websites and the digital market in general, contributing to the strategic planning of all its online activities and maximizing the return on investment;
• SEO Brand Reputation Management
We manage the brand reputation on search engines, improving the positioning of positive opinions and protecting our Customers from unfair competition and illegal use of the trademark.

We are looking for a Web Analyst
Pro Web Consulting is looking for a Web Analyst to be included in our Digital Analytics area.
The resource will be responsible to measure, analyze and monitor the performances of the main Customers’ websites, within a project team. He/she will manage the implementation of the measurement system: from the set-up and the definition of KPIs until the creation of the report, according to the analysis of all useful data provided by the monitoring system.

Required professional skills:
• Preferable degree in Technical and Information Technology, Engineering or Statistics;
• Good knowledge of HTML;
• Understanding of Javascript;
• Basic knowledge of Web Marketing, SEO and SEM;
• Knowledge of Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium;
• Knowledge of Google Tag Manager platform;
• Preferable knowledge of Adobe Analytics and Webtrekk platforms;
• Excellent skills in the use of Power Point and Excel;
• Excellent skills about statistics;
• Excellent knowledge of Italian language;
• Excellent knowledge of English language.

Preferential requirements:
• Visual Website Optimizer;
• Adobe Test & Target;
• A / B testing tool for the optimization of the conversion rates;
• Tealium and TagCommander;
• Good knowledge of another language.

Personal skills:
• Excellent analysis and synthesis skills;
• Excellent communication and written/oral presentation skills;
• Good organizational and time management skills;
• Accuracy and proactivity;
• Passion and interest for the Web;
• Good team-working skills.

Salary level and contract:
Status and type of contract will be discussed during the interview according to the actual experiences and skills gained.

If you want to join us, please send your CV here:
d.stramezzi@prowebconsulting.net – Diego Stramezzi HR & Digital Marketing Manager


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